With tertiary degrees in information systems and experience in digital agencies, ex-Chief of Innovation Verse brings his experience in building the next generation of web3 games.
Chief Creative
Jack of all trades. Has mastered all the arts of digital marketing, going from branding to marketing with a pinch of motion design. Coming from the startup world and ex-DeFi Degen. 12 years of Freelance experience.
Digital Artist
The Last Blender Bender. Give him some buds and he’ll get you ideas from wonderland. Hype beast before anything, has his own fashion brand. Knows shit about looking slick.
Queen of Bloks. The sweetness we needed in this world of degens. Displays her art through renowned art galleries in the city’. Studied architectural design at the prestigious EPFL, might create the whole Cyber City.
Tokenomics Expert
We all need that finance major, with a pinch of degen. That’s Fibonacci. Seasoned entrepreneur, he knows the numbers. Msc in Management and Quantitative Marketing
Rust Developer
Hardcore backend dev. Graduated from School 42, the school of the future. Was so good he ranked up as staff. Candy Machine Master, brought bloks to life. Also coded a whole bash from scratch.
Game Lead
AR/VR/AI/Blockchain. This beast knows it all. Won multiple tech challenges, some of which hosted by Cambridge & Microsoft. Valiner, our gateway to put Cyber City in the Metaverse.
Game Designer
Remember the guy that made you look stupid in math class? That’s him. Game Designer + Developer. His brain conceived the levels you're going through on Dixtra.

/ Advisor

Advised us on marketing & tokenomics.

/ Collaborations