While the Roadmap is still a work in progress, we are glad to share our plans as we advance down the road together.

✅ Mint of 1111 CyberBloks Genesis NFT.

✅ Release of the Alpha of DIXTRA™️ Game 🕹

✅ Alpha Tournament Speedrun on Dixtra.

⬜️ Mint of the remaining 2222 Bloks.

⬜️ Listing on ME.

⬜️ Dixtra Tournament 2nd Edition (SOL + NFTs Prize).

⬜️ $BLKS staking. The currency of the smartest degens.

⬜️ Daily $BOLOKS airdrop to holders + release of token utilities.

⬜️ Game #2: Fight others Bloks, risk your $BLKS. Winner takes all (PVP).

⬜️ Expansion to mobile.


A visual representation of what we intend to build in the Cyber City.

/ Done

Mint of 1111 Genesis CyberBloks.
Realease of the alpha of Dixtra.
Alpha Tournament. 66 SOL Prize.

/ In progress

From Player to Game Maker. Build to Earn.
Bloks Are Gonna Make It.
A Metaverse of puzzle games made by the smartest degens of internet. @desolateNFT
$BLKS: The currency of the smartest players.
PVP: Put your Crypto at stake. Winner takes all.
Looking fresh.
Expansion to mobile = World Domination.
Listing on ME.
Welcome to Cyber City.
Tweet us your idea.
Quality merch.